Oh, God!


Why wouldn’t God speak to John Denver? Pauline Kael’s main objection to this flawed but endearing movie was that it only has one joke: an anthropomorphized God (a crotchety, attention-grabbing George Burns) who puns on His own name. This strikes me as a perfect characterization, because God has a bad sense of humor.

Though it’s blasphemy for Jews to portray God in the flesh, writer Larry Gelbart and director Carl Reiner provide a distinctly Jewish, this-worldly take on revelation, prophecy, miracles, and God’s message to humanity.

A gag involving elevator access to a non-existent floor of an existent building could’ve inspired Charlie Kaufman when writing Being John Malkovich.

The cinematic craft is mediocre, but mediocrity went a long way with Technicolor in the 70s.

Blaise Pascal ghost-wrote the courtroom finale.




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